Useful links

Institutional Affiliations:

Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis

The Brookings Institution.                        

McKibbin Software Group Pty Ltd                          

Economics and Environment Network (EEN) at the ANU

Other Links with Related Research:

Centre for International Economics 

Lowy Institute for International Policy                                        

Resources for Economists:        
Economic resources (Rutgers)                                                         
Cristian Zimmerman's resources                                        
Resources for Economists          
Resources for economists on the internet                                            
International Economics Gateway (Alta Plana)
John S. Irons Economics site

 Useful Modelling Research Links:            
COPS Model   
IMF GEM Model                  
Global trade analysis project.       
Alan Deardorff     
NATSEM microsimulation models

  Major Institutions/Think tanks:

Lowy Institute for International Policy 

The Brookings Institution.                                                       
Institute of International Economics                                                          
World Trade Organisation                                                   
World Bank                                                               
International Monetary fund                                                                  
International Finance Corporation                              
American Economic Association

 Research Working Papers:                                                       
Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis                                                             
National Bureau of Economic Research                                         
Centre for Economic Policy and Research (CEPR)

 Computer Software:                 
Oxmetrics modelling software                 
GEMPACK general equilibrium modelling software